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Henry Finds His Place - Page 1 and 2 by spectrosity Henry Finds His Place - Page 1 and 2 :iconspectrosity:spectrosity 5 15 The Ghoulbirds by spectrosity The Ghoulbirds :iconspectrosity:spectrosity 15 5
Boot Hill: The Watchtower
Chapter One
The General
12th Year of the Sparrow, 572
I'm not leading a war. I'm leading a massacre.
The mouth of the stairwell is laden with the dead. Limbs and hair and streaks of war paint obscure into one giant heap of blood-soaked warriors before me.
None of them are mine. Though I loathe myself to admit it, I wish some of them were. That way it might have seemed like a fair fight.
I hesitate just inside the watchtower's entrance, desperately seeking a route up the stairs that doesn't involve contact with the corpses. It's an impossible endeavor; bodies dangle from the banister and lie otherwise strewn about the staircase as far as I can see. Taking a step inside, the bitter scent of iron mixed with gunpowder hits me like lightning. Brief glimpses of past battles flash through my mind—death and victory and loss and despair all culminate into that twofold scent, like a vignoire hallucination playing tricks on me. I force down a swallow.
I manage to wade t
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you cried havoc
on an anxious autumn morning
paperclips forming
wings and chains and warnings
of spiral staircases
wild goose chases
you repeated yourself
over and over and over
scribbling footnotes
over quotes not yet famous
brittle, yellowed pages
lightning kept in cages
and smiles in the shape of bruises
too beautiful to choose
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On Their Sleeves
Plaid. Checkers. Stripes {both vertical and horizontal}. Argyle. Obligatory solids of brown, white, red, navy, green. Collared button-downs and zip-ups and pullovers.
Hanna's closet was diverse, to say the least. He didn't have much in the way of clothing {or anything, really}, but what he did have possessed a balance of simple complexity. Or possibly complex simplicity: take your pick. Then again, such a statement could be considered apt for most-if not all-aspects of Hanna.
I'd seen him in each and every article of clothing hanging on the meager, bowed rack in front of me. Somehow, he managed to hold up even the boldest of patterns with his broad shoulders. He pulled it off. Not only did he pull it off, but his audacious fashion tastes had long since become a point of association for me. Even the nameless, faceless strangers braving the sidewalks earned a discreet double take the moment I noted the stripes on their shirt or their black and white checkered shoes as I strode by. And
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IT'S A BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY by spectrosity IT'S A BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY :iconspectrosity:spectrosity 185 70
Find the Few Living Things
I never watched Hanna sleep. Something about observing someone at their most vulnerable struck me as perverse, not to mention morally ambiguous at best. Especially Hanna: a young man whose well-disguised fragility had become impossible to ignore the longer I remained by his side. The more I pondered it {which I seemed to be doing quite a bit of}, the more I sought to protect him from the dangers he gravitated toward. At the same time, however, I didn't want to believe he was as breakable as I knew he really was. The thought of losing him often brought about a gripping yet somehow welcoming pang of fear in my chest, a feeling I didn't realize I was capable of experiencing anymore.
Needless to say, the moment my gaze rested on Hanna's small, restful form for more than a few seconds, I found myself rushing for the door-which happened more often than you might think.
Some nights Hanna vowed to stay up with me like an eager, overconfident kid at a slumber party. "For real, this time," he
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Finch Takes the Stage
“Are they coming?” the wounded man asked, his voice gritty and shaken, panic-stricken.
Another string of louder gunshots rang out and I winced as if expecting a blow to the head. Passengers in the coach closer to the conflict screamed, and those in our cabin who were conscious and able mirrored them in scared, reactive response. Having no desire to reaffirm the man's already answered suspicions, I took an alarmed step away from him as fear for my own life overshadowed the burden of my responsibilities as a doctor. Shameful, really; but there were men out there, men more than willing to take the lives of others without a second thought or regret.
The staccato drum of bullets showering the steam engine's metal skin stopped for a few seconds—long enough to allow panicked and agonized screams fill the thick void—before resuming in quickened earnest. Somewhere amidst it all, someone was laughing. I stumbled back against the far wall of the cabin, ducking as low to the gr
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There is Thunder in Our Hearts
The pattering rain against my umbrella quickened. I tromped through tall, dampened grass; the long blades whipped at my military trousers, leaving streaks of rain water behind. Clenching my fist around the umbrella handle in irritation, I continued down the meandering slope of a hill and into the basin of the valley, where rainwater already began to pool.
He was standing there, chalky hair and similarly hued robes clinging to his skinny body. Pathetic really--yet somehow serene in a way only he could manage. His eyes didn't divert from the anxious skies even as I approached, no doubt enraptured by the light show flickering from cloud to cloud. Shaking the mud caked to the tread of my boots, I stepped beside him and held the umbrella out over his head.
"My liege, you'll catch the shivers if you're out here any longer," I said, looking him up and down. “You’re completely soaked.”
Bastian rubbed his rain-spattered fingers together. “I like it,” he said, directing
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Pie-IX: Time Can Wait
The Horologist had a special affinity for the clock tower at night. The droning tick and tock of the clock hands that only tended to amplify the moment the sun set, reverberating off the high walls back and forth, back and forth. The interconnecting cog teeth webbing together for not a second in noisy matrimony before breaking apart to continue the rotation. But what the Horologist loved most were the clock tower's eerie creaks during the night, the bellowing groans that marked its exceptional antiquity. The Historian wasn't too fond of them some nights but the Horologist had a sneaking suspicion The Watchdog slept better when the clock tower was loudest.
Thumbing his coat off one button at a time, The Horologist set it on the arm of their only rocking chair, also old in its own right.  He hooked his forefinger between his throat and the knot in his tie and pulled down to loosen it. The vertically spacious room was dark save for a single light in the far corner of the room, e
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Wheelbarrows and Vodka :iconspectrosity:spectrosity 31 49
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